Dots and Dashes


Things I was disappointed were not in OITNB Season 2: The chicken that is smarter than other chickens.

My hopes for the new antagonist of OITNB Season 3: The chicken that is smarter than other chickens.


Then there’s always this family member who say this every family reunion

Get all dressed up with makeup and everything because I was expecting to see a certain someone at the party tonight, but they didn’t show up, so I wasted my time doing my mascara for nothing.


When the one family member is causing grief for other family members and you want to give them a taste of their own medicine and show then how they’re hurting people but then you’re just a kid and they’re older and they’re family so you still love them for other things but you still want something to change

reblog if your mother no longer sets your bedtime and your life has lost all structure


Daisy (Part A): VHS edits


flirting technique: “May I build you a spaceship”


The real plot line of 30 Rock.